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If you want to finally put an end to hacking, you must fully embrace one permanent truth: Hackers will always have the ability to create trojans that can install themselves into computers, tablets, and phones. Perhaps the following paradox springs to mind: “How can I stop hackers if I’m accepting that trojans can enter so many devices?” It only seems like a paradox because the cybersecurity security industry has been focusing your attention on the wrong thing.

The cybersecurity industry is laser-focused on stopping the hacker’s ability to intrude. And the industry is miserably failing, leaving your business and home vulnerable to attack.

Fortunately, there are two ways to stop someone from doing something: take away the ability to do it, or take away the motivation to do it. If you haven’t guessed already, the key to stopping hackers is the latter. But let’s first break down a pervasive cybersecurity myth regarding ability itself.

Most cybersecurity sales pitches conflate the ‘ability to intrude’ with the ‘ability to steal your digital life.’ It’s absolutely essential that you break free of this conflation. The ability to intrude doesn’t inherently equate to the ability to steal your digital life. After all, what’s most important to you anyway? The most important objective is to keep your digital life safely out of hackers’ hands. And the moment you start focusing on that objective, you are 90% of the way to finally implementing genuine protection for your business and home.

“But wait!” you may protest. “I want to stop intrusions too!”

Now here’s a wonderful paradox, if you stop a hacker’s ability to get his hands on your data then you will stop intrusions at the very same time. Here’s why.

According to the 2019 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, over 95% of hacking breaches were motivated by financial gain or gain of strategic advantage. Take way the motivation, take away the intrusion.

As discussed in the previous article, sophisticated trojans install themselves in stages. The first stage involves an assessment of the security environment itself. Now here’s the good news, many trojans automatically remove themselves from a device if they cannot communicate back to their command and control center. In other words, they are pre-programmed to not intrude into environments where there’s no possibility of fulfilling the intended motivation.

Change your focus to blocking malware from accessing the internet, and you will go a long ways to stopping intrusions as well. Will hackers have the ability to intrude? Yes. But will they have the motivation? No. And that’s how you stop them.

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